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Released August 21, 2007 was another video game that inspired my field of study, Bioshock. Created by Irrational Games and 2K Games, Bioshock is based in the year 1960. The game begins with the player’s aircraft crash landing in the Atlantic ocean. Flames surrounding the area, the character has only one clear swim to land. This is where the player’s character, Jack, discovers Rapture. This underwater utopia consists of many deadly Splicers, Big Daddies and Little Sisters. By using Plasmids, which genetically alter Jack’s DNA, the player can use telekinesis, electrocution, fire and more with just a flick of his wrist. With modifiable guns and ammo available throughout, Jack must destroy Big Daddies who keep watch over Little Sisters. In order to collect genetically enhancing ADAM, Jack must either save the Little Sister or ‘harvest’ her. Bioshock was created for XBOX, PS3 and PC. The amazingly detailed graphics along with an enticing story line lead this game to receive multiple awards for Game of the Year, Best Visual Art, Best Story and more.


The screen shot I have chosen is from inside of Rapture. The first color that pops is the gold on the railings, then the red on the walls, down to the deep almost faded purple on the floor. These colors resemble an analogous color scheme of warm colors. The gold in the baluster and ceiling panels create a vintage feel. Complex molding, patterned balusters and intricate ceiling designs suggests the architecture has an Art Deco style.

One thing that always amazed me about this game was the attention to detail. The texture in the monkey wrench is so realistic, one would feel as though they can reach in and grab it. Looking closer, the artist even added touches of rust spots and embossed writing on the sides. The wood flooring leads the eyes forward creating depth, while the side cement pillars, stairs and upper level columns create space throughout the room. The walls are cracked and there is a glare reflecting off it, this suggests that the wall may be wet. There is also steam or smoke rising from the lower level creating an eerie and less visible view to the area below. The framed art hanging on each side of the hallway, along with double sided staircases create balance and unity in this scene. The large architectural pieces surrounding the character are proportionate in comparison to a normal sized male.

I enjoy the small aspects that Bioshock displays. The crumbled cement scattered and dusted on the floor, the graining of the hardwood, the red glow from the light reflecting off the wall, these things make a good game, exceptional. It takes a great team and great patience to create a game with illusionistic qualities. The artist needs to have an extreme knowledge of lighting and shading. This particular game art is what I hope to achieve one day. I would like to do environmental art for video games and this screen shot perfectly represents what I aim to create.