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 Since I was young I’ve always had an interest in video games. My addiction began with Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt, it graduated to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, then from there moved to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The art in Twilight Princess was very beautiful to me, it was better than most games I had played before. Until the release of God of War 3. I have played all previous God of War games, yet none could compare to the exquisite beauty of God of War 3. The person behind the art? Andy Park, Concept Artist at Sony Santa Monica Studios, my inspiration for my career field choice.

The first work of art is a digital painting of a Centaur. The bright whites and medium yellows in the body bring the focal point up to the face. While the warm golds and browns bring out the muscle definition which help adds weight to the body.Protruding spikes on the chest and shoulders help bring balance to the characters texture. Deep reds and blacks in the wounds give gashes of surface depth that portray a fought battle. The armor on the Centaur shines bright in contrast to the of the body. Its smoothness lets the viewer know that it is a tough metal that can not be penetrated. The eyes focal point moves down the arm to the horse body, but then gets pushed back up by the lifted front hoof. This circular motion completes the eyes tour of a wonderful work of art.



The next piece is a picture of The Steeds of Time. This digital painting appears very quiet with its use of cool colors. The shades of greens, purples and deep blues on the horses body show the length of time the steeds have been submerged in water. The background has tints of whites and light blues with shades of dark blue and gray giving an overcast and calm skyline. The armor on the steeds stand out beautifully with bright whites, yellow and golds. The metal appears smooth and yet sharp. Ones eyes move up the armored mane to each distant steed. The colors with each horse become more saturated and foggy, this brings depth and a sense of distance to the art. The small birds near the last steed and in the clouds help show the proportion in comparison to the world around them. The artwork is properly balanced and with its beautiful use of cool colors, gives the viewer a sense of a complete and mellow painting.



The last piece to introduce is a digital painting of the main character Kratos in battle. This furious work of art comes to life with extreme movement. The lower character Kratos has spectacular body shading that brings out his muscle definition and strength. The chain from his Blades of Chaos fly up to the boss whose hammer catches ones eyes and brings forth a sense of danger. This leads the eyes further around to the angry face of the horse who is rearing in anticipation of a strike. The fiery reds give the emotion of anger, while the deep shades of green in the background darken the mood and bring out the fight as the dominant focal point. Specks of white give the appearance of water and more movement. Although there is so much action in the painting, it has magnificent balance and unity that helps bring this blood thirsty digital painting to life.


About MinusZer0

I'm currently enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. My goal is to have a career in Game Art and Design.

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  1. What I think is interesting about the third painting is that the rider is clutching Kratos’s chain. At first glance I thought it was an epic duel between two fierce opponents but after noticing that and realizing that Kratos isn’t looking at his opponent, it seems more like the rider is taking control and Kratos is about to get manhandled.

    Also I think it’s interesting that the flames on the blades of chaos match the color of the steeds eyes while the lower, ember like red of the rider’s hammer matches the mane and ribbing of the horse. Does the darker red of his hammer suggest the slower, more monotonous, and less energetic nature of his weapon?

  2. You actually made many remarkable ideas throughout your post, “My First Assignment
    video game art reviews”. I may remain returning to ur web site soon.
    Thanks -Jude

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